Mars After Midnight

The Off-Colony Community Support Center offers a wide variety of help sessions for qualifying Martians.

What // Session topics vary by day. Check local notices for details.

When // Sessions begin at 1AM. Registration & refreshments from midnight.

Where // AIRTIGHT Shipping & Receiving office (converted), East Central District.

Now hiring office staff to manage nightly registration & refreshments.

Mars After Midnight is an entrant-screening, mess-tidying, session-planning, martian-filled game for Playdate.


Developer Lucas Pope
Publisher 3909 LLC
Platform Playdate
Catalog Link Mars After Midnight @
Release Date March 12, 2024
Game Type Single-player, work simulator
Play Time 2.5 to 3 hours
Development Log devlog



Mars After Midnight is 1-bit black and white game with a fixed resolution of 400x240. Screenshots can be upscaled to whole-integer multiples using nearest-neighbor or point scaling without any loss of quality.